Top 3 short comedy drama scripts in English

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1. Researcher and Friend

  1. Researcher to his friend – I have made a chocolate.
  2. Friend – So what? Is there anything new in it?
  3. Researcher – Eating this chocolate will free the wife from tension.
  4. Friend – How can that be? (Surprised and happy)
  5. Researcher – After eating this chocolate, all the bitter words of the wife will taste sweet, but there’s a condition… You have to eat this chocolate from the wife’s hand.
  6. Friend – What are you talking about? Wow… Great, so now…
  7. Researcher – I’m thinking, on whom should I try it.
  8. Friend – Hey, man, when will your idea actually work?
  9. The researcher looks at his friend from top to bottom with great attention – Dude, whose wife are you? You’re not that one, right?
  10. Friend – No, man… She’s my wife.
  11. Researcher – Yeah, then it’s fine.
  12. Next day
  13. Researcher – Hey, man, why is your face swollen?
  14. Friend – Thanks to you, jerk… What kind of chocolate did you make?
  15. Researcher – What happened?
  16. Friend – When I went home and gave it to my wife, she ate it herself instead of giving it to me, and then…
  17. Upon hearing this, the researcher’s expressions change…
  18. Researcher – Bro, don’t tell me the rest of the story… This chocolate was only for men, not for women.

2. Three friends are standing and talking.

(Three friends are standing and talking.)

Role 1 – Their fourth friend was approaching them, wearing new clothes and new shoes.

Role 2 – (One of the three friends) Hey, you didn’t have money to throw a party, but you bought these clothes and shoes. Where did you get them from?

Role 1 – From a shop.

Role 2 – Oh come on, you idiot. We also know you got them from a shop, but you don’t even have your father’s shop. So tell me, where did you get the money from?

Role 1 – Calling all three friends and explaining the plan.


Role 1 dresses up as a blind person, goes into a crowded shop, quickly asks for clothes, goes into the dressing room, sneaks out slowly, and then quickly runs away from there.

Role 3 – Hey, that’s a great idea. Let’s also try it.

Role 1 – Just wait… Go the next day.

Role 2 – Why, man? You got the clothes already. Why are you stopping us?

Role 1 – Okay, but I’ll stay far away.

They all decide to go one by one.

In the shop, Role 2 (the first of the three friends) goes.

Shopkeeper – What do you want?

Role 2 – I want an egg.

Shopkeeper – If you want an egg, go to the shop next door. You get clothes here, not eggs.

Role 2 – Hey, I need fabric, not eggs, dude. If I wanted an egg, I would’ve gone to the egg shop.

Shopkeeper – How do you know this is a fabric shop?

Role 2 – (Smartly) There’s no smell of eggs here, right? That’s why.

Shopkeeper – Which fabric should I show you?

Role 2 – The yellow one.

Shopkeeper – (Angry) How do you know it’s yellow? Fake blind people are everywhere. Today, one fake blind person made a fool out of me. Now you too.

(Commotion and fighting ensue.)

After sorting out the clothes, Role 2 reaches his friends.

Role 3 – What happened? Where are the clothes?

Role 2 – Behind you, man. I got beaten up.

Role 1 – Son, you have to pay in some way. You paid and got clothes. But now you didn’t even get the clothes.

All three friends – What do you mean?

Role 1 – I also got beaten up. I saved these clothes during the chaos.

All three friends together – Then why didn’t you tell us earlier?

Role 1 – Because every friend is a scoundrel.

(Note: The story is a humorous narrative involving friends trying to fool a shopkeeper and ends up with comic consequences.)

3. Sholay Funny Dialog:

Gabbar – Hey Sambha, when is Holi?

Sambha – In my mind, this scoundrel’s birthday is today, and he seems to think it’s Holi.

Sambha – Boss, there’s something special about buying oil for Holi today. There should be Basanti’s dance in our hideout today.

Gabbar – Hey, Circuit, don’t try to be clever. Tell me clearly what today is.

Kalia – Boss, today is your birthday.

Gabbar – What did you say? What did you say? Today is my birthday?

Sambha – Yes, boss. Today we should have cake, pastries, and sweets in the hideout.

Gabbar – Come here, you rascal. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Sambha – Forgive me, boss. If I had told you earlier, what would you have bathed with?

Gabbar – You son of a pig… You make jokes on me.

Kalia – Forgive him, boss.

Gabbar – Oh, it’s a close friendship between you two.

Kalia – Yes, boss, we are good friends like Jai and Veeru.

Gabbar – Alright, alright, alright. Oh, ho, ho.

Gabbar – Silence… You two talk about our duty, our salary, and praise our enemies.

Kalia – Forgive the audacity, boss. Leave the anger aside. I’ll bring cake in the evening, we’ll celebrate, and have cake.

Gabbar – Now I don’t want cake, I want Basanti. Go… bring Basanti in the evening. If you don’t, don’t show your face.

Kalia – Please forgive me, boss. I can’t bring her. I’ve tasted your salt.

Gabbar – So now, consider the cake as a bullet and eat it!!!

(Note: This is a humorous conversation between characters from the movie “Sholay,” known for its iconic dialogues and characters.)

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