Sahil (Sakshi Reddy Murder Case) Age, Caste, Girlfriend, Family, Biography

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In this article, you will get all the information you need about Sahil’s (Sakshi Reddy Murder Case) early life, background, Age, News, Family, biography, & more. I have done a lot of hard work in writing this article, and after getting this information from a lot of sources, I have written the article, Read the article completely, and give your valuable time to it.

Who is Sahil?

Sahil, an Indian citizen, is an AC repair mechanic. Who is in news because he killed his girlfriend, Sakshi Reddy, by stabbing her 20 times? and later brutally killed him by pouring a cement slab over him. There is a lot of discussion about killing so brutally.

Mohammad Sahil, also known as Sahil Khan, was born on Saturday, July 5, 2003, in Delhi. His zodiac sign is Cancer. His Age is 20 years old as of 2023. He works as a fridge-AC repair mechanic in Delhi.


The father of Sahil, Mohammad Sarfaraz, is an Iron welder. His mother runs a local shop. Both are working people. Sahil has three sisters, two Younger sisters study in school, and one is working. One of his sister’s names is Tani.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Weight (approx.): 60kg

Hair color: Black and Brown

Eye color: Black and Brown


According to the police reports, Sahil Khan and Sakshi Reddy have been dating each other since June 2021, and both are in a relationship.

Social accounts

Sahil (Sakshi’s case) Instagram ID: sahi.lkhan3600


Sahil Khan Belongs to a Muslim Family. According To a police report, he used to wear a red shirt to hide his identity and religion. He follows Islam.

Sakshi Reddy Murder Case full Story

Accused Name: Sahil Khan (Mohammad Sahil).

Who was murdered? : Sakshi Reddy (16-year-old Delhi girl).

What was the area of the incident? Shahabad Dairy police station area in Rohini, Delhi.

Which weapon was used to commit the crime? : Knife & Solid cement stone (as police reports)

Full Story: The dreadful day of May 28, 2023, Sakshi Reddy, a 16-year-old girl, was killed like a terrorist by her boyfriend, Sahil Khan, who attacked her 20 times with a knife in Rohini, Delhi, in the Shahabad Dairy police station area. Even if it didn’t satisfy him, he picked up a solid cement stone and hit his head six times to break his head. Many passersby were watching this incident live with their own eyes, but none of them stepped forward to help the witness.

But it was a good thing that a CCTV camera was installed nearby, and the whole incident was recorded. Sahil fled from the scene after committing the crime. From there, Sahil went straight to his house, kept his mobile at home, and from there proceeded towards the Kashmiri bus stand. He took a bus to his aunt Bua Sameem’s house. From there, he called his mother and explained the whole incident.

After the incident, the police reached the spot, and Sakshi was rushed to the hospital. The doctors declared Sakshi dead. Let me tell you that this incident happened when Sakshi had gone to the market to get some gifts and things for her friend Neetu’s son.

Also, she had been staying at her friend Neetu’s house for the last 15 days because Neetu’s husband was out of town for some work. It is being told that Sakshi was in a relationship with Sahil, recently, there was a breakup between the two. On May 27, 2023, there was a fight between the two. Sahil was very angry because of that fight, and he also wanted to kill Sakshi. The decision must have been made because of a quarrel.

After the initial investigation of the case, Delhi Police Special CP Dependra Pathak said,

“As per the information as of now, they (Sahil-Sakshi) knew each other and there was some quarrel or they parted ways. The accused (Sahil) had a grudge and he did this kind of gruesome murder. It’s a crime of passion. Further probe is being done.”

A case under Section 32 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code was registered by Sakshi’s father at the Shahabad Dairy police station. Sakshi’s mother has demanded the death penalty for Sahil.

Sakshi Reddy Caste

She belongs to the Lingayat Community.

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Who killed Sakshi in Delhi?

Sahil Khan

Why did Sahil Murder Sakshi?

There’s no exact proof, but they got into some fights with each other.

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