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Gurudev was born on 24th November 1926 in Palana village of Bikaner district. His biography is very exciting. Gurudev used to work as a clerk at Indian Railways. Gurudev tells that he started getting scared of everything, which is now called phobia. After that, how did he achieve success I will tell his whole story in this article, you will have to give some time to this article and understand his biography very well.

Who Was Shri Ram Lal Ji Siyag?

Ramlal ji Siyag was an Indian saint who had attained both “Nirguna Nirakar” and “Saguna Sakar” Siddhi. All the incurable diseases of people are cured only by meditating on his photo and the mantra given by him.

Gurudev gave new life to many sick people. Born in 1926, Gurudev passed away on 05 June 2017.

Early Life & Education

You can imagine how education and childhood would have been for Gurudev, who lost his father at the age of 3. He was brought up by his mother and continued his studies, he got a government job as a clerk in the railway department. It was during this time that he married a woman and gave birth to five children, one daughter, and four sons.

Spiritual life:

It was in 1968 when Gurudev was working in the Railways, an unknown fear arose in him. He began to fear death and became extremely fearful of everything that was terrible. A friend advised him to chant Gayatri Mantra. In 1968, he started chanting Gayatri Mantra during the Navratras of the month of October, and after chanting 125000 times, he had a divine feeling. Gurudev felt that his whole body had turned into a divine light.

He made Gangai Nath Ji Maharaj his Guru, and Gangai Nath Ji told him that he had attained Gayatri Siddhi. In 1984, he also attained Krishna Siddhi, in this way Ramlal Ji Siyag attained both “Nirguna Nirakar” and “Saguna Sakar“. Gurudev published his spiritual experiences in his book “Religious Revolution in the World”.

His disciples experience spontaneous yogic actions in the practice of this yoga and the transformation of tendencies. Gurudev passed away On June 5, 2017, but even today meditation is being done by his mantra and his photo and you can also remove all your diseases by doing this meditation.

Siddha Yoga

He has made religious visits to Israel and America several times to promote “Siddha Yoga”. Siddha Yoga is such a yoga in which by meditating on Gurudev’s mantra and his photo, you can get rid of any kind of disease whether it is physical or mental. Ramlalji Published the book “Religious Revolution in the World” in July 1997 for the promotion of Siddha Yoga.


You can see the complete biography of Gurudev by visiting this website: Click Here

NameShri Ram Lal Ji Siyag
Other NameGurudev
Date of BirthReligious Revolution in the World
Date of PassingJune 5, 2017
Age of Passing90 Years
Place of BirthBikaner
RoleSpiritual Leader
BooksReligious revolution in the World
PreceptorGangainath ji Maharaj
OrganizationSpiritual Science Satsang Center, Jodhpur
Yoga TypeSiddha Yoga

How to Meditate to Cure Illness

To cure any of your diseases, first, watch this YouTube video carefully.

If you have seen this video completely, then I am uploading some more photos of Gurudev, meditate on any one of them. Meditation should always be done on an empty stomach and you can chant the mantra anytime, but never tell the mantra to me, do not tell it to anyone.

Ramlalji Siyag Photo

Whenever sitting for meditation, pray to Gurudev that O Gurudev, remove all my diseases and troubles and then start meditating.

If any yogic activity is happening in your body or you are having any spiritual experience, then you do not have to panic, leave your body very loose, your whole body is under the control of Gurudev at that time and he is removing your illness.


  • Never speak the mantra given by Gurudev by mouth, chant it in your mind.
  • You must take Mantra Deeksha from Gurudev Deeksha means listening to the mantra in Gurudev’s voice and seeing Gurudev.
  • Gurudev used to say that he was the only person who had attained the perfection of both Nirguna Nirakar and Saguna Sakar.
  • A person who meditates on Gurudev’s mantra every day can never be mentally and physically unwell.
  • One should never panic if there is any uncomfortable yogic action while meditating on the mantra.
  • Siddha Yoga given by Gurudev is such a yoga that leads to immediate Kundalini awakening in the presence of Guru.
Who is Guru of Sri Ramlalji Siyag

Sri Gangai Nath ji Maharaj

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