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About Pandokhar Sarkar:- Pandokhar Sarkar Dham is a famous religious pilgrimage site of Hinduism, whose Pandit Ji is Pandit Guru Sharan Sharma Ji and this Dham falls in Pandokhar village in Bhandar tehsil of Datia district of Madhya Pradesh, where there is a famous Hanuman temple and devotees visit there. remains engaged and there is a lot of recognition of the devotees.

pandokhar sarkhar

Pandit Gursharan Sharma Ji Maharaj Pandokhar Sarkar:-

Priest Gurusharan Sharma Ji Maharaj of Pandokhar Dham was born on 15-04-1983 in a Vipra Brahmin clan of village Barha Tehsil Lahar, District Bhind Madhya Pradesh. His father’s name is Ashok Kumar Sharma Ji. Gurusharan Ji Maharaj says that Shri Hathiwan Maharaj, Pret Raj Ji Maharaj, and Shri Samadhi Wale Baba’s Tapabhoomi Barha, from where he received these powers, it is said he sat on the throne of Pandokhar Dham in 1992 and in 1999 he is holding his court where he listens to the problems of the people.

Pandokhar Dham information:-

Place NamePandokhar Dham
FamousPilgrimage site
TempleShree Hanuman ji
Pandit/SevakPandit Gursharan Sharma ji
StateMadhya Pradesh

Pandokhar Sarkar Dham Fees:-

There is no fee in Pandokhar Sarkar Dham, but you can go there and get a slip of any amount according to your wish, the temple is built with the donation made by you, all the devotees who come, and arrangements are made for their food and accommodation. Years ago, a slip of Rs 1 and a maximum of Rs 5 were deducted here.

How Pandokhar Dham got its name Pandokhar:-

Pandokhar Dham is located in Pandokhar village, Datia district of Madhya Pradesh. It is said that Pandavas came here for their guavas and stayed here for five days. There is also a neem tree where they kept their weapons, hence the name of this village. Pandokhar Pada Pandokhar literally means Pandav + Khar, Khar is believed to mean a deep place tunnel or a stopping place Pandav’s Khar is called that is why this village got its name Pandokhar.

Pandokhar Dham Social Media Link:-

Mr. Pandokhar Sarkar has an app on the App Store on which you can watch videos and information related to them, whose link is given Here.

YouTube Link —- Click Here

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Where is Pandokhar Sarkar Dham?

In Pandokhar village of Datia district of Madhya Pradesh

Who is the priest/servant of Pandokhar Sarkar Dham?

Priest Gurusharan Sharma Ji Maharaj

How much money is deducted for going to Pandokhar Dham?

No Fees

Which god is worshiped in Pandokhar Sarkar Dham?

Shree Hanuman ji

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