Jain Muni Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj Age Death Book

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Traun Sagar bio:- In this article, we will describe all the events of Jain Muni Tarun Sagar ji’s life and know his age, death, book, Pravachan, etc. Jain Muni Tarun Sagar and all the incidents related to his life and the work done by him in society will change many people who follow Jainism and will describe his hymns and his bitter discourses.

jain muni tarun sagar ji

Who Is Tarun Sagar:-

Munishree Tarun Sagar ji was a famous sage of the Jain tradition. Muni Shri Tarun Sagar Ji was a Digambar Jain monk. Munishree’s acceptance is not only among Jains but also among people of other castes and religions. He was not an ordinary saint, he was a very rebellious and revolutionary saint. He had an inclination towards spirituality since childhood. Tarun Sagar Muni was completely different from other Jain Muni, social issues were always discussed in his discourses.

Tarun Sagar ji Wiki Bio:-

Muni Shri Tarun Sagar Ji was a Digambar Jain monk. Jain Muni Tarun Sagar’s real name was Pawan Kumar Jain, he was born on 26 June 1967 in the Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh, his father’s name was Pratap Chandra Jain, mother’s name was Shanti Bai Jain. And he died at the age of 51 in Delhi on 1 September 2018 at the age of 1 year.

NameJain Muni Traun Sagar
Real NamePawn Kumar Jain
Date of Birth26 June 1967
Date Of Deth1 September 2018
Age51 Year
  • Jain Sannyas at the age of 13
  • Digambar Muni Diksha at the age of 20
  • Address to the nation from Red Fort at the age of 33
  • At the age of 35, the nation was awarded the post of saint.
  • Started a new tradition of giving Guru Mantra Deeksha at the age of 37
  • Addressing the Indian Army at the age of 38, Gold Awarded by the Army
  • At the age of 39 Addresses the distinguished people at Raj Bhavan Bangalore Keynote speaker at the International Bahubali Mastakabhishek Festival at Shravanabelagola (Karnataka)
  • Entered in Guinness World Records (2 Oct 2012) Ahmedabad Limca Book of Records (28 Aug 2012) at the age of 45
  • At the age of 47, on his arrival in Delhi after 14 years, Diamond Books published the famous work “Kadve Pravachan” in 14 languages.
  • He died on 1 September 2018 in Delhi at the age of 51.

Books by Jain Muni Tarun Sagar:-

**जैन मुनिश्री तरूणसागर जी की किताब ‘कड़वे प्रवचन’ | **
Jain Munishree Tarun Sagar Book’s ‘Kadve Pravachan’

  •  Kadve Pravachan in Hindi
  • Muni Shri Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj Quotes

Jain Muni Tarun Sagar Kadve Pravachan

Tarun Sagar Family:-

Fathe’rs NamePratap Chandra Jain
Mother’s NameFather’s Name

Digambar Jain Muni: An Introduction

Muni Shri Tarun Sagar ji was a Digambar Jain monk. The meaning of the word Digambar is dig + amber i.e. the directions are the clothes of which being a Digambar sage is not a child’s play, it is a wonder that no one becomes a Digambar sage just by giving up the clothes and having passion. To become Digambar Muni, every seeker has to go through 28 months of resolutions, which are called the 28 qualities of Munni in Jainism. Jain monk is a living deity by conduct, his whole life, who is so much penance, sacrifice, and meditation that no one can imagine.

Death of Jain monk Tarun Sagar:-

There is a great pain of death in Jainism. In the country, Jain monks give up other water in their last days. Jain monk Tarun Sagar died on 1 September 2018 in Radhe Pura, Delhi.

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