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Ajju 0008 Age: Ajay Chaudhary is really popular as Ajju 0008 on the internet. He’s a big deal in India when it comes to making online stuff. He’s not just good at making YouTube videos, but he’s also great at showing his everyday life, travels, and cool things he does on Instagram. His YouTube channel has lots of cool videos where he shares his adventures and what he’s up to. Ajju 0008 is not only famous on YouTube; he’s also really good at getting people’s attention on social media. He’s like a role model for many and lots of people like what he does. His online personality is super interesting, and he’s become a real star in the digital world that’s always changing.

Ajju 0008 Age:

Ajju 0008 Age: As of August 2023, Ajay Chaudhary, also known as Ajju 0008, is 27 years old. He was born on October 19, 1995, in Gurugram, Haryana, India.

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Ajju 0008 Age-Biography:

Ajju 0008’s career has been pretty cool and interesting. He started by making videos on YouTube where he talked about his life, travels, and stuff he likes. People really liked his videos, and he became well-known.

As time went on, he became even more popular. He shared his daily life and adventures in his videos, which made lots of people like him. He also posted cool pictures and stories on Instagram, and people loved that too.

Besides making videos and posting on Instagram, Ajju 0008 became a kind of online role model. He worked with different brands and did cool stuff with them. This showed how he can be himself while working with companies.

All in all, Ajju 0008’s career shows how being real and connecting with people can take you far in the online world. He started with simple videos and ended up becoming a big influencer, and that’s pretty awesome.

Personal Details:

Full Name:Ajay Chaudhary
Nickname:Ajju 0008
Age (As of August 2023)27 years old
Birthday:19 October
DOB:19 October 1995
Birthplace:Gurugram, Haryana, India
Home Town:Gurugram, Haryana, India
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Known for His:Lifestyle & Travelling Vlogs

Family Details:

ParentsNo Information
SiblingsDaksh Choudhary (Brother)
Best FriendsElvish Yadav, Vikash, Love Kataria

Education Qualification:

EducationGraduation (B.com)
SchoolAmity International School Gurgaon, Haryana
CollegeHansraj College Delhi

Car Collection:

CarPrice (INR)
Maruti Swift₹8 Lakhs
Mahindra XUV 700₹17.50 Lakhs
Toyota Fortuner₹40-45 Lakhs
Land Rover Defender₹1 Crore 30 Lakhs


Ajju 0008 has a girlfriend named Pratibha, who comes from Rajasthan. They’ve been really close friends for a long time and are actually in a relationship with each other. The exciting news is that they’re planning to get married in the near future. It’s great to see their strong bond turning into something even more special.


In a recent post, Ajju 0008 shared some impressive financial insights. He revealed that he can afford to buy 11 Nano cars in just one month. This intriguing detail hints at his substantial financial standing. His estimated total net worth is valued between 15 to 17 crores. Ajju 0008’s monthly income is quite impressive too, ranging from 10 to 15 lakh rupees. His income streams come from various sources such as YouTube, Brand Promotion, Advertisements, Sponsorships, and his presence on Instagram. With an annual income of around 2 crores, he has definitely made a significant mark in the digital landscape. Despite all this financial transparency, Ajju 0008 has chosen to keep his exact net worth a mystery, not revealing the exact number to anyone.

Monthly Income₹10-15 Lakhs
Yearly Income₹2 Crore
Total Net worth₹15-17 Crore
Income SourcesYoutube, Ads, Brand Promotion & Instagram, Sponsorship

Ajju 0008 Defender:

In a significant milestone, Ajju0008 fulfilled his dream of owning a Defender 110 X Dynamic on October 22, 2022. This remarkable achievement was marked by the delivery of his dream car. The on-road price of this Defender model, which holds special significance to him, was ₹13,000,000. This moment surely symbolizes a significant step in his journey.

Physical Stats:

Physical StatsDetails
Weight76 kg
Height6 feet 2 inches
Body TypeFit and Heavy
Body Measurements42-34-14
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Youtube Journey:

Ajju 0008’s Journey: From Humble Beginnings to YouTube Stardom

Ajju 0008’s exciting journey on YouTube began back on August 7, 2012, when he first created his channel. But it wasn’t until the year 2020 that he officially stepped into the YouTube spotlight. Let’s take a closer look at how this all unfolded.

Back in 2014, there was something called “Halki Traveling” that he started, but he never really thought about sharing videos on YouTube. Then, something interesting happened. His girlfriend suggested that since he loves traveling so much, he should start sharing his travel adventures on YouTube.

Taking her advice to heart, Ajju 0008 uploaded his very first vlog video on his YouTube channel in 2020. Surprisingly, his first video got a whole bunch of views! This motivated him to keep going, and so he continued to upload more vlogs and travel videos on his channel.

Fast forward to today, Ajju 0008 has a whopping 7.04 lakh (704,000) subscribers on his YouTube channel. It’s amazing how his journey from simply loving to travel turned into a big hit on the internet. His story shows that sometimes, the things we enjoy doing the most can become something truly special when shared with the world.

Contact Details:

Ajju 0008 hasn’t shared any contact numbers or home addresses at this point. But you can connect with them by following their social media accounts. Here are the links to their social media profiles.

Social Media:

FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here
InstagramClick Here
YouTubeClick Here


  1. Online Alias: Ajju 0008 is popularly known by this online pseudonym, which has become a recognizable brand in the digital space.
  2. Multi-talented Content Creator: Ajju is not just a YouTuber, but also an engaging lifestyle vlogger, traveler, and influential Instagram personality.
  3. Content Variety: His YouTube channel features a diverse range of content, including vlogs, lifestyle insights, travel experiences, and more.
  4. Influence Beyond YouTube: Ajju 0008 has extended his reach beyond YouTube, leveraging his sizeable following on Instagram to connect with a wider audience.
  5. Social Media Star: With his charismatic online persona, he has gained a strong presence on various social media platforms, amassing a dedicated following.
  6. Collaborations and Brand Engagements: Ajju has collaborated with brands for promotions and sponsorships, indicating his influence and reach in the digital market.
  7. Strong Viewer Connection: His authentic approach and relatability have contributed to his popularity, forging a strong connection with his audience.
  8. Graduate and Schooling: He completed his graduation with a B.Com degree, having attended the Amity International School in Gurgaon and Hansraj College in Delhi.
  9. Dream Car Achievement: He fulfilled his dream of owning a Land Rover Defender 110 X Dynamic in October 2022.
  10. Relationship Status: Ajju 0008 has been open about his relationship with his girlfriend Pratibha, and they’re planning to get married.

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