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Aditya Agarwal Engineer: Aditya Agarwal is an engineer in the US. this article covers Aditya’s life, Networth, Wikipedia, Wedding, Age, Family, Wife, Career, Work, Early life, Biography, & Many more. So be connected with us and read the full Article slowly.

Who is Aditya Agarwal?

Aditya Agarwal is a very famous software engineer in US & Indonesia. He was born on 30 May 1982. He was previously a software engineer at Facebook and has given his experience to improve Facebook’s search engine. Aditya was also Facebook’s first Director in the Product Engineering category. He is honest in his work and never distract from his work. Aditya also invested in many companies.

Early life

Aditya was born in India. According to him, he is Indian by heart. His father was a chemical engineer in India and his mother was a Housewife. Aditya was interested in computer science and programming software since childhood. Keeping this interest in mind, his parents kept visiting many countries like Singapore, Cameroon, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Eventually, his family settled in the US. When he was in Indonesia, he used to take programming classes from a private institution.


Real NameAditya Agarwal
Date of Birth30 May 1982
Age “(as of 2023)41 years
Birth PlaceIndia
Situated inUnited State of America
High SchoolIndia
B.Tech,MTechCarnegie Mellon University, USA
SpouseRuchi Sanghvi
Marriage dateNot Known
ChildrenNot Known
Net Worth6 million Dollar


After completing high school, Aditya went to study at Carnegie Mellon University to get a B.Tech degree in computer science. He also completed his M.Tech in computer science in the United States of America. His post-graduate research focused on automatic clustering and segmentation of email corpora. Aditya was good and interacted with computers more. He was good at his studies and get to know more about the subject which he likes more, he used to give more time to the computer in his free time.

Aditya also Receive many certificates in his school time. He used to know more about computers so mostly his parents find him using computers.


Aditya Joined Facebook and Get the Position of First Director of Product Engineering. At Present he is the partner of ICONIQ Capital (an American wealth management and investment firm) & South Park Commons. As we know a computer engineer increases her/his knowledge day by day. Aditya also increases his knowledge with time.

The computer is the future of the world and Aditya helped many of us with his knowledge. Aditya works in multiple sectors including electrical and even healthcare. This sector may help you pursue a career that really makes a difference in your life. Aditya also at the post of Board of Directors on Flipkart.

He started Cove, a modern collaboration software company, and manages all the work. In this field, there are many opportunities in which any person can make life good and gain knowledge of various fields.

Ruchi Sanghvi Aditya Agarwal’s wedding

The wife of Aditya Agarwal is Ruchi Sanghvi. Aditya married Ruchi after dating each other for a long time. His wife Ruchi was a co-worker on Facebook & Dropbox and co-founder with him of Cove. Their marriage was much discussed due to the arrival of Mark Zuckerberg.

They both get married with the consent of their parents. their parents agree to their marriage and Aditya’s parents like Ruchi very much. She is also in the same field as a computer engineer.

Who is Ruchi Sanghvi?

Ruchi Sanghvi is an Indian computer engineer, businesswoman & Entrepreneur, Known as the wife of Aditya Agarwal Engineer. She was born on 20 January 1982 in India. She is an Investor in many Companies like Flipkart, Dropbox, Cove & Facebook.

They both love each other at the time they meet first time with each other. After that, they marry each other and now live their life happily.

Net worth

Aditya Agarwal is Investor in many companies & he has many sources of income. His total Net worth is 6 million dollars as of 2023. Aditya invested in many companies and worked in many industries and gain knowledge of many industries & sectors. He is a good businessman, he knows how to deal with the situation as per the problems and which decision is in the favor of the company. In his life many times he used to take the decision at risk but the decision came in his own favor.

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Aditya Agarwal Wife?

Ruchi Sanghvi

Aditya Agarwal age?

41 years as of 2023

Aditya Networth?

6 Million dollar

Profession Of Aditya?

Computer Engineer

Education of Aditya?

He also completed his M.Tech in computer science in the United States of America.

Current Address of Aditya?

His family settled in the US.

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